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Mortgage Checklist

Information needed for loan application

  • Social security numbers, dates of birth, total years of school attended, number of dependents (if applicable) and ages.
  • Residence address(es) where applicants have lived the past 2 years.
  • Employment address(es) for the past two years, positions or titles, work phone numbers, number of years with current (and previous employer if applicable) for the past two years, and total years employed in line of work/profession.
  • Breakdown of all sources of income (gross income i.e. before taxes).
  • Regarding assets
    • Name of banks, types of accounts (checking, saving, CD, non-retirement investment accounts, retirement accounts), and approximate balances as of last statement received. 
    • If applicable: addresses of any other real estate owned, present market value, current mortgage balances, current monthly mortgage payments, and current monthly rental income.
  • Regarding liabilities:
    • Names of banks, monthly minimum payments, and approximate balances for any mortgages, car loans or other installment debts, and credit cards. (Estimated numbers are acceptable at this stage. Credit report will confirm exact figures).
    • If applicable: monthly rent payment if currently leasing, monthly alimony/child support payment(s) and recipient name(s).
  • If purchasing real estate: sales price, address of property, down payment amount, approximate closing date, and closing cost assistance (if applicable).



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